What Type of Turmeric Are You Consuming? Turmeric/Curcumin Benefits

Whether you're looking to enhance your memory, sleep better, or simply get a better glow going, chances are turmeric is the answer. The multitude of curcumin benefits make turmeric essential to any pantry, and can even help the kiddos.

Here we will dig deeper into these powerful benefits of turmeric and how to get the most out of the powerful root. Read on to learn more about how to enhance your health.

While turmeric may seem like the newest trend in superfoods, this ingredient has actually been used for holistic and ayurvedic healing for centuries.

This Indian based root boast a potent compound called curcumin which has been found to have enhanced anti-inflammatory effect along with a serious nutrient cocktail. You'll find high amounts of vitamin C, calcium, zinc, fiber, iron, flavonoids, niacin, potassium just to name a few.

It's no wonder that turmeric has been a go-to for such a large variety of conditions and symptoms.

How Curcumin Benefits Our Body

Curcumin is the base compound that heals our body through its powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities. In addition to anti-inflammatory effects, curcumin has also been found to low your risk of heart disease, and even enhance neurological health.

Many holistic healers recommend turmeric for its ability to prevent and treat cancer along, due to its ability to cleanse the blood.

Turmeric for Overall Health

Turmeric is a powerful ingredient in the sense that it targets multiple areas of the body. By now you may be aware that almost all disease starts with inflammation.

Fortunately, the blood cleansing properties of turmeric help reduce toxic build-up and inflammation throughout the body.

Unlike other forms of antioxidants, turmeric cleanses the body while replacing what is removed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Turmeric for Beauty

In addition to it's healing properties, turmeric has been found to offer a host of beauty benefits that can help you glow from the inside out. In fact, the powerful combinations of vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, and magnesium can even reduce the effects of eczema.

However, turmeric can also be used for less severe skin problems like acne, wrinkles or dark circles. Pregnant women can also use a turmeric-based scrub to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Different types of Turmeric

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the healing benefits of turmeric, whether internally or externally. Some choose to use turmeric as a spice in their food, or as an added ingredient in their smoothies.

Others opt for a more topical method by applying turmeric oil or masks directly to their skin. Here we will go through a few of our favorite methods for utilizing turmeric.

Turmeric Masks

A quick search on Pinterest will show you that there are endless DIY face mask combinations utilizing the power of turmeric.

Our favorite face mask uses a combination of egg, yogurt, turmeric, and honey mixed together and applied to the skin for half an hour. Try it for yourself to experience the glowing effect.

Turmeric Gummies

If you want to help boost your children's immune system, but know that they won't be big fans of the strong flavor of turmeric, then we suggest making your own turmeric gummies.

While they may seem intimidating, turmeric gummies are easy to make. Simply blend steamed carrots, turmeric, and orange juice in a heatproof blender. Add the mix to a pot along with gelatin and extra orange juice. Mix well and pour straight into your gummy mold. Then refrigerate until the gummies are completely solid

Turmeric Shots

For health enthusiasts on the move, turmeric shots are a fast and potent way to get all of the healing powers of turmeric without all the fuss.

We are particularly fans of shots that combine turmeric with ginger or other healing elements. If you don't have a juicer (or the time) you can always order your shots online.

Golden Milk

Golden milk is a classic ayurvedic recipe that has taken a more western approach recently. Not only is this drink a great way to cozy up on a cold night but it's healing benefits are abundant.

To make your own turmeric milk simply combine almond milk (or the nut milk of your choice), honey or maple syrup, cinnamon, and black pepper in a saucepan. Allow it to simmer before pouring yourself a cup. This drink is perfect before bed option.

Turmeric Oil

Turmeric oil is a great solution for those seeking a topical method of using turmeric. It is also incredibly easy to make quality oil in your own home.

Simply mix turmeric with coconut oil and put over low heat in a saucepan. Allow the mixture to rise in temperature but do not burn. Once the oil begins to simmer remove the pot and let it rest at room temperature for 12 hours. Strain any lumps of powder and add to a bottle. Apple topically where needed.

Soup and Other Meals

The great thing about turmeric is its endless uses and possibilities. Many people use it simply as a spice in their soup to give it added zing.

Turmeric is also an ingredient commonly found in curries. So if you're a fan of Indian food we suggest brushing up on your recipes as a delicious way to get your turmeric in.

Bring Healing into Your Daily Routines

Adding a bit of turmeric into your daily routines is a great way to tap into curcumin benefits and healing powers. Among the many ways to take care of your health, this is by far one of the easiest.

Want to make it even easier? Order an 8 pack of healing turmeric shots to grab and go. A shot won't take any extra time out of your morning but will bring added energy and nutrients to your entire day. Once you try it, we doubt you'll go back.

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