The SHOT X Story

The Life

It’s junior year. The conventional college life continues– Eat. Sleep. Study. Everything else is in a continuous cycle--Classes. Hangovers. Regrets. The daily ritual consisted of waiting to get out of classes, skiing the mountain and participating in unnecessary events were the drive.

Until one phone call, yes its dramatic.

The Phone Call

“Hello?” Vasu just received news of his grandfather being diagnosed with liver cancer. As days passed, he wondered who was “next.” A friend? Another family member? Himself? Everyone who wasn’t caring for their body was susceptible. Vasu was determined to explore all his options and leave no rock unturned.

A purpose. A purpose-driven life was about to take effect.

Momma Knows Best

“He remembered his mother used to prescribe him turmeric, known as “haldi,” as a cure-all and dependable for everything whether it’s for home cooked food, a pain killer or wound treatment You name it.

Sounds crazy, but it just might work.

Testing, Testing and … More Testing

Vasu’s turned his core study, market research, into an opportunity. From the kitchen to the lab, he worked with experts from all areas to test the potency of turmeric as a liver protector. After developing the first batch, he tested it out with everyone he knew.

Fraternities, professors, pro-athletes. You name it.

I’ll Take a Double, Please

The most common feedback? “Any chance you can make it into a double shot?” Even after multiple changes to the formula, there was still something missing if people needed more. It was good, but not great.

If you plan on doing something, do it right.

Journey to Find Ingredient X

Confident that turmeric was the solution, Vasu set out to find the most potent turmeric in the world. He found what he had been looking for in Germany.

Hallo, Germany!


Working endlessly to develop the perfect balance of taste, health benefits and effectiveness with the new formula, Vasu had created the proprietary blend now known as: SHOT X– THE Companion.

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Our Vision

When you eat food, you need salt & pepper. When you celebrate responsibly, you need SHOT X. With this drink, we strive to create a change in your lifestyle. We want to cultivate a consciousness that urges you to take care of your liver. We want to be a catalyst to you leading a balanced, stress-free lifestyle.

Our Mission - get back to life

At SHOT X, our mission is to make you feel good. We work hard to put valuable time back in your hands. Our passion is to keep you healthy. We are obsessed with keeping your busy life in harmony, keeping that all important balance so that you enjoy life and its celebrations and recall memories for what they are.