What is the complete list of ingredients in Shot X?

How does Shot X help my liver ?

The active ingredient behind Shot X is curcumin, a potent turmeric extract known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbal properties. In Shot X, curcumin is responsible for breaking down the toxins (aldehydes) that form in your liver. Scientific studies have proved that it helps protect liver from many toxic insults.For a detailed study on how curcumin works in a human body, please refer to the scientific reviews below.  Studies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Does Shot X help with fatty liver?

Curcumin (Turmeric) has shown potential for the prevention and treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to new research published in the popular scientific magazine, Physiological Reports. Due to the popularity of this question, we are currently conducting fatty liver disease trial as well as AST/ALT studies, we would be doing a fatty liver specific study. 

Does Shot X interact with other supplements and medications I am currently taking?

Shot X is made from the potent turmeric extract, curcumin and other naturally occurring nutrients in your body. We suggest asking a qualified medical professional regarding the combination of Shot X with your medications. For additional science about the drink:

When do you take Shot X? What is the recommended amount?

It depends upon what benefits are you looking for. If it is taken as a drinking liver care, take it right after a drinking session. For general liver care purpose, can be taken 3-4 times a week or daily, either in morning or in night after meal.  When consuming Shot X, we  suggest  1 serving  or 1 bottle each time.

Is Shot X FDA approved?

Shot X is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Since Shot X is a dietary supplement, it does not fall under the perview of FDA.

When do you recommend I take SHOT X?

Whether you're watching Netflix with some wine or painting the town red with the crew, SHOT X helps balance your mind and body to bring out your best you. Looking for a pick-me-up after a long day, or just looking to fortify your immune system? We’ve got your back.

How do you measure the potency of your turmeric?

We take pride in saying that our turmeric’s bioavailability--the absorption rate into the body--is 185 times faster than the average. We’re able to do this by formulating the turmeric into liquid form through a proprietary blend to increase the average absorption from less than 30 percent to 95 percent.

Where can I buy SHOT X ?

Our proprietary blend is only offered through our website. Sign up, select the amount and frequency, and that’s it! Easily adjust your subscription with just a few clicks by logging into your account.

When is it shipped?

We ship out our subscriptions on a monthly cycle. We’ll notify you immediately if there are any changes to your shipment schedule due to a major holiday or inclement weather.

What if I need to make changes to my delivery?

Whether you want to change the quantity of your subscription or pause a delivery, simply log into your account page. Be sure to make any changes before the ‘changeable date’ -- the date your order will be shipped.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies on the quantity you order (8-, 16-, or 24-pack). Shipping is free on all orders. Taxes apply only for California orders.

What if I'm out of town traveling?

SHOT X is your ultimate travel companion whether you’re going on a business trip across the country or camping with friends! If you’d like to pause your order or change the delivery address (within the contiguous US), just log into your account page and make the changes before the ‘changeable date’ -- the date your order will be shipped.

What if I'm not home when it's delivered?

SHOT X is just as tough as you are and can stand in the sun up to 100 degrees. We still recommend keeping it away from heat since it’s best enjoyed at room temperature or chilled!

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancel anytime by logging into your account page. Let us know if there’s something you aren’t happy with and we’ll do our best to address it. Your satisfaction is our success.

What should I do if I'm having billing issues?

Contact our Support Team at They’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

How can I ensure my order arrives before a certain date?

To make sure your SHOT X orders are delivered in time for a specific date, please order at least five (5) business days in advance. While shipments generally arrive within five (5) business days, around holidays and certain shipping blackout dates it is best to provide yourself a buffer of seven to ten business days.

Can you rush ship my order?

While we are unable to accommodate requests for expedited shipping at this time on orders through our website, we’re working on a solution for you!

How do I place a wholesale order (250+ bottles)?

Once we’ve received and approved your Wholesale Application, you will have access to place your order through our dedicated site for wholesalers.

SHOT X wasn't for me. Can I get a refund?

We stand behind our product and will do our best to make it right. To request a refund, email within 30 days of receiving your product. Include your name, email address used to place the order, order number and reason.

What is your return policy?

While we don’t accept returns, we’re committed to your satisfaction. Contact us at or through social media.

When am I charged?

The card linked to your account is charged on a regular schedule in accordance with your shipments.

What forms of payment can I use?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards, or debit cards as payment for re-billable subscription orders. We do not accept checks, money orders, gift cards, or link routing numbers to your account.

My order won’t go through!

If you’re having trouble submitting your order, try these tips: 1) Double-check your card details (expiration date / CVV code) 2) Re-enter card details if was a previously saved method Still stuck? Let us know and we’ll gladly help!

What is your promotion code policy?

Promotional codes can only be applied to a user’s first order. But make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social for exclusive discount codes that can be used at anytime!

I’m a reporter, blogger or influencer and would like to partner with SHOT X. Whom do I contact?

We’re always looking to partner with influential individuals to help promote SHOT X. Please email

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