How it works

Shot X is formulated to improve your body’s natural response to alcohol. The unique ingredients in Shot X combine to improve your liver’s recovery mechanism to break down toxins and get you back to life.


Toxins such as acetaldehyde are the primary reason for unpleasant after-effects of drinking alcohol. Curcumin is a powerful turmeric extract that works inside your body to break down toxins at a rapid pace.

The curcumin in Shot X is 185 times more bio-available (the rate at which the body absorbs drugs) than native curcumin. You can only imagine the effectiveness!


The feeling of lethargy post-drinking is caused due to loss of electrolytes. In Shot X, we have packed plenty of electrolytes, so you wake up feeling refreshed.


Inositol is naturally present in your body cells. It helps your liver regenerate cells and recover from the damage caused by drinking and keeps the liver healthy.

Amino Acids

When you consume alcohol, you experience fogginess. L-Ornithine, an amino acid naturally present in the body, counteracts and prevents fogginess.

Natural Flavoring

We extract a delicious natural orange creamsicle flavor from oranges for a slightly sweet taste. Who says this healthy blend of ingredients can’t taste great?

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