Why do you feel the effects of drinking?

Ever wonder what is happening inside your body when you go through the painful ritual of waking up the day after drinking? Let us help you understand. When you consume/ingest/drink alcohol, it gets absorbed by different organs in your body. The stomach absorbs approximately 20% of the alcohol, whereas the small intestine absorbs 80 percent. A small amount also gets absorbed by the brain. The alcohol absorbed by the stomach and small intestine is then metabolized in the liver. In the liver, the alcohol converts into aldehydes (highly toxic aka toxin), the root cause behind many of the ill-effects induced by drinking.

How Shot X Saves Your Day

Shot X is formulated with potent ingredients to improve your body’s natural response to drinking. Each ingredient has a unique function and role to play as it enters your body. Let’s take a look at how each ingredient ensures you get back to life:

Curcumin (a turmeric extract)

The active ingredient behind Shot X is curcumin, a potent turmeric extract known for its antioxidant properties. In Shot X, curcumin is responsible for breaking down the toxins (aldehydes) that form in your liver post-drinking. The curcumin in Shot X has been prepared using a proprietary process that helps it achieve 95% bioavailability (your body’s ability to absorb nutrients). Because of the curcumin’s high absorption rate, 1 gram of Shot X’s curcumin would equal 185 grams of the standard curcumin.

Amino Acids

Shot X uses amino acids (L-Ornithine) that are usually used in health supplements to support athletic performance. They are also used to support liver functioning, quick recovery of cellular damage and stress management. In Shot X, L-Ornithine helps in quick recovery of liver cell damage that may occur when alcohol is processed by the liver. Fun fact: L-Ornithine is also found in coconuts.


Inositol, sometimes referred to as vitamin B8 is not a vitamin but rather a type of sugar that naturally occurs in the brain and performs several important functions such as helping balance the levels of important chemical messengers (serotonin and dopamine) in the brain. In Shot X, Inositol plays the role of brain cell protection, since the brain too absorbs some of the alcohol you consume. It helps in preventing brain cell damage in people who may binge drink.


Electrolytes are vital for the normal functioning of the body. They help regulate nerve and muscle function and hydrate the body. In Shot X, the electrolytes sodium and potassium enable the body to replenish from electrolyte loss caused due to alcohol consumption. This ensures no muscle weakness, feeling of tiredness or fatigue next day morning.

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