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Turmeric shot.
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Our proprietary formula blends the finest ingredients to provide energy, uplift your mood and support your liver health.

How it Works

Your trusted companion, whenever you drink

On a casual night or the weekend, whenever you drink, nourish your mind and body with SHOT X. Your liver will thank you for it.

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"One simply cannot put a price on a productive next day. Shot X has made me a believer.”

Linda G.

“I’m a Shot X regular now. Turmeric, tastes so good and keeps me functioning normally after my wine nights. I highly recommend.”

Rebecca P.

"$5 so I can function normally the day after attending a wedding or a happy hour is $5 well spent in my opinion"

Michael H.

"I tried it and am now a subscriber. I am actually up and running. Shot X actually makes me feel a lot better."

Gary M.

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